Best Poster Award

Sourodeep Roy, Bhaswar Chakrabarti, and Enakshi Bhattacharya : ” Effect of SiOx deposition temperature on RRAM behavior in memristors  ”, best poster award in the XXII International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices (IWPSD 2023) held at Research Park, IIT Madras 13 – 17 December, 2023

Unlock Ideas Award by Lam Research

Dr. Soumya Dutta’s proposal “Development of polymer SAW sensors for showerhead flow characterization” is one of the selected proposals for the Unlock Ideas Award by Lam Research. This is only the second time that a proposal from IITM has received the award. Lam Research Corporation, a leading American supplier of wafer fabrication equipment conducts a program every year called unlock ideas to receive innovative proposals toward solving their problems in collaboration with universities worldwide. This time out of 113 shortlisted proposals (maximum number according to their officials) all over the World 19 proposals got selected for award.

Best Paper Award

Ananya Ghosh, Fidal V T, Sudeshna Sengupta, Enakshi Bhattacharya : ” Functionalized Silicon Nanoporous Membranes for Efficient Dialysis”, best paper award in the MEMS/NEMS Track at the IEEE International Conference on Emerging Electronics (ICEE) held at Bangalore 16-19 Dec.

Best Poster Award

CH L N Pavan, Vivek Oza, Rama Divakaruni, Anjan Chakravorty, Deleep Nair: ” Extraction of  Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) Time Constants and Amplitude in SiGe Channel pFETs”, best poster award in the Reliability and Yield Track at the 4th International Conference on Emerging Electronics (ICEE 2018)